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  • Rebecca P. Cohen

What is Your Landscape?

Inspiration comes in many forms: compassion, beauty, heroism, a job well done; the list is endless. Images of nature, in particular stunning landscapes, lift my spirit instantly.

If you could look at any scenic view, what would it be? The answer could depend on your mood in the moment or the adventure you would like to have for your next vacation.

Mountains can be grounding and centering, inspiring you to achieve your best.

Beaches remind us of the ebb and flow of life, remembering that there is a natural rhythm to challenges that will pass, and remembering to celebrate when we find that “perfect wave”.

Rivers consistently flow in one direction, at times powerfully or more gently. The water always finds a way around obstacles, even if it has to swirl for a while before finding its way.

Forests show us the beautiful cycle of the seasons and the transitions of the animals who spend their seasons there or migrate at different times of the year.

Deserts are a display of extremes and the resiliency of its inhabitants during night and day.

Sunrises and sunsets connect us all to the daily beauty that is available to us anywhere

What is your landscape?

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