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  • Rebecca P. Cohen

A Shift in Routine

Our kids have gone back to school. We are all experiencing transition.

There is something extremely exciting in a new routine. It's a chance to start over, fresh, and form new habits.

Allow the outdoors to help your family with back-to-school transition:

1. With the promise of 15 Minutes Outside before school, your kids may actually get ready faster in the morning (try it; it works!)

2. After-school snack, then homework outside on a blanket

3. Evening walks and bike rides before dark

4. Outdoor playdates with new friends

5. Spontaneous picnic dinners at the playground (keep a blanket in the car)

Your children will come to know outside time every day is good for them.

When my kids were in 3rd and 5th grade, my eight year-old routinely invited me to join him for homework outside. When my ten year-old had to stay in bed one Sunday due to a fever, he asked me later in the day if I would go play tennis with him.

Mid-match, I asked him how he was feeling. "Much better", he said.

"I think I just needed to get outside."

He actually felt better enough that evening to go to school on Monday.

With the excitement of a new routine, how do you want to enjoy this time of year for you and your family?

Wishing you memorable moments outside, every day.


Rebecca P. Cohen is author of the early reader book series PJ’s Backyard Adventures, 15 Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids, and creator of Rebecca Plants Curiosity Cards. Her website is

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