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  • Rebecca P. Cohen

5 Favorite Spring Activities

When you think of Spring, what comes to mind? For me, I envision renewal brought by rain, sprouting, and growth.

Here are my favorite activities for Spring, which are great for home, in the classroom, and as activities for after school programs:

1. Sprout seeds. page 36 of 15 Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids describes this super easy activity with a cup, two pea seeds, a half page of newspapepr, and enough water to wet the newspaper. Seeds will sprout in 3-7 days. Keep newspaper moist. When roots outgrow the cup, transfer pea plant to a container in a sunny spot with soil and a saucer underneath for drainage or a sunny area in the ground. Water daily. Flowers grow in about 8 weeks, then pea pods sprout from the flower. The plant life cycle is an amazing sight!

Here is a 25-second video of the easy, no-mess activity >>>

2. Create with what is around you. I've been doing this activity with different groups each week for an after school program.

There is no planning involved; simply tell children their job is to create like an artist.

Be open to watching AMAZING things happen.

Some children start creating right away; others need a little help. Ask them what they notice around them that they could use to create. Answers may include rocks, wood chips, sticks. Make letters, shapes, or stack objects. Soon, they will love creating so much with their imaginations they are sad when it is time to come inside.

3. Look for signs of Spring.

>>>> How many nests can you count?

>>>> Look closely at the trees and shrubs; do you see buds?

>>>> Do you hear birds even if you can't see them?

>>>> Notice animal tracks in mud?

>>>> What else tells you it is Spring?

4. Plan and start building your garden. Did you know there are free two-page guides on for the easiest vegetables and perennials to grow? Whether you plant in the ground or in containers, these simple guides help demystify what to do. Simply enter your email and then the following password in all caps: INSPIRATION.

5. Make a friend to take on outdoor adventures. I've seen it. Something amazing happens when kids print and cut out this character named PJ who loves to play outside. PJ inspires outdoor play and he is an instant friend for a child. Want to learn more? Request a free lesson plan for PJ's early reader books about outdoor play around the world. PJ's Backyard Adventures Book 1: Who is PJ? and PJ's Backyard Adventures Book 2: Play at a Paris Playground are available on Amazon.

About Rebecca P. Cohen Rebecca P. Cohen believes time outside transforms our lives for the better. Rebecca has worked with over 6,000 children around the world helping them make outdoor connections for a healthier life. Rebecca is author of the new children's book series PJ's Backyard Adventures, as well as author 15 Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids, and creator of Rebecca Plants Curiosity Cards. She is also host of the video series, Get Out of the House, which shows fun ideas for time outside in every season. For Rebecca's inspiring blog and free downloads, visit Book Trailers Fifteen Minutes Outside, PJ’s Backyard Adventures Invite Rebecca for a School Visit!

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