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Recently, I was asked to share my journey with Welcome to Washington International, a group of women from all over the world who live in and around Washington, D.C.

In reflecting on what to share with the group, I wanted to offer the parts of my story that are more unknown and what has influenced me beyond what most people see.

Being open to new experiences and getting out of my comfort zone have yielded moments of serendipity. I usually say yes to things that I want to do and figure out the rest along the way. This started at the age of 16, when I had a last-minute opportunity to live with a family in France for one month. An exchange of a family friend's friend fell through, and my mom asked if I wanted to go. I said, "Yes!" and luckily I had saved my paychecks from summer work, which enabled me to pay for my first overseas plane ticket.

While I remember being homesick at times, that "Yes!" influenced my life. Not only was it my introduction to fostering meaningful global connections, I learned that immersion is how I would learn French, which led me to study abroad in France my junior year of university. During that year abroad, my grandfather in the U.S. received a letter from a French cousin we did not know we had! Our newly-found cousin, Denys, had traced our genealogy to France and Luxembourg. That year, I met European family who are still close to our U.S. family today.

Countless challenges have influenced me too. There have been times when I wished I could talk to others who have been through similar circumstances. I believe each of us is walking around with information and life experience that can help someone else, and I want to make it easier for us to share with one another. I'm seeking individuals who would like to offer their stories to create meaningful connections and help the world together. To learn more and sign up to participate, go to

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Rebecca P. Cohen believes time outside transforms our lives for the better. Rebecca has worked with over 6,000 children around the world helping them make outdoor connections for a healthier life.

Rebecca is author of 15 Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids, the children's series PJ's Backyard Adventures, and creator of Rebecca Plants Curiosity Cards available for iPhone. She is also host of the video series, Get Out of the House, which shows fun ideas for time outside in every season. For Rebecca's inspiring blog and free downloads, visit

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